Mind Mapping Workshop , Calgary 2012

There is a relatively small segment of coaches in the training field; individuals who could gather the solid scientific background, the extensive multinational training experience in business & educational fields, the fluent bilingual course delivery (English & Arabic) and the ability of designing new creative workshops.
Dr Hesham Khairy is one of those people with 10 years experience in generic skill training. During his postdoctoral fellowship in Hotchkiss Brain Institute (2011), Calgary – Canada, he was a guest instructor in Teaching and LearningCenter, University of Calgary and TERA environmental company, to name just a few. While during his Neurophysiology Ph.D study in Aberdeen, UK (2006-2010), he was a generic skill trainer in University of Aberdeen and guest trainer in British Gas.  A preceding 5 years training experience in Egypt in various positions including universities, pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions and private centers.
Such extensive training experiences were based on a solid scientific background including PhD in Neurphysiology, MSc of human physiology and MD. He also received 200  hours of training in University of Aberdeen. Further fine tuning of his training performance was done by having the Faculty Teaching Certificate and the Instructional Skills workshop from University of Calgary , Canada.
Apart from the academic experience, his diverse experiences in the business field crystallizes the objectives of his workshops. In 1999, Khairy worked in Allergan pharmaceutical company as a medical representative that was followed by 6 years experience in hospital and lab management. He was a manager of Al-Borg Lab (Shebin Elkom branch) for three years (2003-2006) where he received intensive courses on management and quality control.
Dr Khairy had developed his own workshop packages to meet the applicable demands in business & educational fields. Among them, The Mastering Mind Technique certificate that includes mind mapping, fast reading, memory skills and creative thinking. This package had been widely appreciated at the business and educational levels in UK and Canada. Other training packages are designed for the universities for both staff and students as learning styles, presentation skills and curriculum design to name just a few.
The credibility of Dr Khairy as a trainer was gained over 10 years through his coaching worldwide achievements, high qualifications and his current position as a lecturer in Faculty of Medicine & a member of the Education Development Committee.