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Abnormal ECG

A wide varieties of abnormal ECG findings including arrhythmias, infarction and ion imbalance. Click the image to the left for the presentation.

MCQs: Normal ECG

Test your understanding of normal ECG. Again, you can put your answer in the comment along with any quiries. click the following link MCQ Normal ECG.

MCQs: Heart & Cardiac Muscle

for the first year medical students, have a go with these MCQs regarding the proerties of cardiac muscle. you can put your answer in the comment as (1a,2b,3c,..) along with any quiries you would like to ask about. I’d be pleased to reply you all. Click the following link Properties of Cardiac muscle MCQ

ECG is an easy G

In 1901, William Einthoven, the famous physiologist,  has invented the first electrocardiogram  (ECG) (see image) that enabled him to win The Nobel Prize in 1924. Since then, interpretation of the ECG trace and understanding its normal & abnormal pattern have been considered an efficient diagnostic tool for any physician with any specialty.

This is a presentation for the  1st year medical students. click the image and follow the link.

Heart & Cardiac Muscle

What is the anatomy of the heart ! What is the difference between cadiac and skeletal muscle ! What is the properties of cardiac muscle ! Do you know about WPW syndrome, Stokes Adam syndrome and Staircase phenomena

Click on the image to the left that is linked to the full presentation.

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